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When did you decide to start writing?
I decided after reading MANY books I thought I could do it. I started Kallos two years ago.

Is there a specific genre you tend to stick by?
I really love YA, but I do have a couple of erotic books. But YA is easier for me to write.

Are you published? If so, what have you published so far?
I am, Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly for Acidaila, Sean & Ian and Kallos. Hot Ink Press for My Everything.

Is/Are there any current project(s) that you could tell me about?
I am working on a new series. It's called First Bite and it's about a girl she is a vampire. She has never had human blood from a vein only out of “take-out bags.” Victoria never wanted a human until Jason Kaye, his scent gives her violent daydreams. The only one to help her urges is her best friend Nathan. Will she be able to keep away from Jason? What if Jason's blood is the death of  her?

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?
I am still new at being a writer, but I love when someone tells me how much they love my work.

Do any specific people in your life inspire your characters?
People say write what you know, and that's what I do. In The Kallos Series, Kallos is like me when I was younger. Sean Hunter is based after my husband, and Ian Hunter is based after Ian Somerhalder.

How do you think up your stories? Do you use our world or your own? How much impact does the world/setting impact your story?
I like to make things up, it makes it easier in the long run. In The Kallos Series, you will find out about the town and shops.

When/if you have writers block, what techniques (if any) do you use to push yourself to write?
I reread what I wrote. It always helps me and then I remember what I wanted to go with the story. Then I give myself some chocolate. I have to bribe my brain!

Who was your inspiration with writing?
I have so many! Cynthia Eden is one of the biggest inspiration for me, she is amazing author. Her books help me if I need some action in my stories. And Rachelle Mead. Her Vampire Academy made me feel like I could write YA, and I will reread her books over and over.

Random question: If you could be any superhero—who would you be and why?
Well the first thing that pops into my head would be Robin! lol I had a huge crush on him when I first saw the movie. But I would say Catwomen, I want a black leather suit. :)

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